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  • Instructions for interviewing faculty to view applications in IMPACT
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  1. Log into IMPACT from the Graduate School’s website (

  2. Under GSBS logins (located in the black box at the bottom of the page) select IMPACT

  3. Log in using your UTHSCSA email and password

  4. On the right hand column under “Select Degree Plan” select “IBMS"

  5. On the right hand side under “Select your role” select Applicant Reviewer

  6. Select applicants - the applicants that will be interviewed for this cycle should be listed.

  7. Under the Operations panel on left hand side select Manage Applicants

This displays the applicants in a dashboard format where most fields can be sorted by simply clicking on the name of the field.

  1. Under Display Options select all Columns

(allows the viewer to see all available columns on the dashboard)

You can also sort/filter on most fields by putting the desired text in the box at the top of the column. For eg, if you want list applicants in alpha order via first name click on the word “first name” and it will sort automatically. This has to be done one column at a time.

  • To view an individual application click on the image of the eye next to the applicant’s name (provides major details of the applicant directory and non-academic record)

  • To view snapshot or the academic record of applicant select Show Application

  • To access the individual application, under operations select Show Application

  • To enter your scores and comments following the application review select Application Review.

  • Under Operations select Create Comment enter your comments and score

  • Once completed, select Create.


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