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  • Instructions to Faculty for Approving Advancement to Candidacy form
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  1. Log into IMPACT from the Graduate School’s website (

  2. Under GSBS logins (located in the black box at the bottom of the page) select IMPACT

  3. Log in using UTHSCSA domain email address and password

  4. On the right hand side under Current Degree Plan select the program in which the student is affiliated

  5. On right hand column under Select Your Role “select Faculty Role (if multiple roles are listed)

  6. In the PENDING BOX, next to Qualifying Exam Committee Member select Click here to process

  7. The name(s) of student(s) for your approval will be listed on the Candidacy Requests form (green box).

  8. Select Approve or Deny” for the student 

  9. Select the SAVE button to save the form.

  10. The form will route automatically to the next signatory.

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