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Approve/Deny Student Requests

Approving or Denying student requests is pretty easy in this system. This same system is used for Rotation Mentor requests as well as Student Faculty Selection Requests, so if you have experience using one of these procedures you should be somewhat familiar with how to do it. After you have logged in, navigate to the Mentor Approvals sub-menu item, under Students. If you do not see this menu item please contact us.
Once you are on that page you should see all the requests that are ready for your input. It's possible that you might see requests for Rotation Mentor on the same screen at the same time, but they are separated into different tables so that it should be clear which are which. Take a look at the title bar for the individual table and be sure you are approving students for the right thing. In both Rotation Mentor approvals and Student Faculty Selections you can click on the Select All/Clear All check boxes at the top of the column if you would like to approve or deny the entire list at once. You can also use this to select everyone on the list and then change some of the individual checkboxes as you wish. The Select All checkboxes only apply to the current table, e.g., Student Faculty Selection. Once you are finished checking all the boxes you want to check, please be sure to scroll down and click the Save button to save your work.
Once you select an Approve or Deny checkbox, a comment button appears. You may click that button and enter your comments and/or reasons for denying this request. These comments are not visible to students.
You may decide that while you can process some of the requests, you aren't ready to process others right now. That's ok—just leave both checkboxes empty for the students you wish to process another time. The next time you return to this screen the requests you have approved or denied will be gone and the ones that are still waiting for your input will appear.
Students who make this request have to do a few things before the request will appear on your screen. First of all, they have to mark this request as active—in other words, that it is ready to go. For instance, they can create the request but mark it as inactive until they are sure it's what they want to do or until it's the right time to make the request. The system will enforce that a student has only one active request for the given form (Rotation or Track Selection). Second, students need to check a checkbox indicating that they are "signing" the request. If either the request is marked inactive or it is not signed the request will not be considered to be completed and it will not appear on your screen for approval. If you do not see a request on your screen that you think should be there, it is most likely due to one of these things, and your investigation might most profitably start there. However, if you find that the issue is still unresolved, please contact us.
Procedure for Student Faculty Selection Requests
  1. First you must enter funding information. There are a couple of ways to get there, either on the Student menu by clicking Funding, or on the Student menu by clicking Mentor Approvals. If you click on Mentor Approvals you will come to the approval screen (addressed below), but there are links there that will take you directly to the Create Mentor Funding page. If you click on Funding on the Student menu, your most likely first step would be to click on Create Mentor Funding over to the right.
  2. Once you are on the Create Mentor Funding page, you should select the Track/Discipline Select Form as the form type in the first field. Once this selection has been made, other fields populate automatically with the most relevant information. If you are mentoring a single student, that student's name should appear. If you are mentoring more than one student be sure to select the appropriate student for this funding record. Also, be sure to select the department of your own primary appointment, as well as the track or discipline.
  3. If you are allocating funds from a single grant for the selected student, please place the fund, PID, and expiration date for this grant into the Fund #1, PID #1, and Expire Date #1 fields. You may also allocate funds from a second grant into the Fund #2, PID #2, and Expire Date #2 fields. If you don't wish to allocate a second grant for this student just leave these fields blank.
  4. If you have a third or subsequent grant you would like to enter in support of this student, you will need to add additional funding records in the same way.
  5. The comment field near the bottom is optional, but feel free to use it to enter any additional funding information that explains your funding support better, or doesn't fit in any other place on the form.
  6. Be sure to repeat this procedure for each student that you wish to approve as his/her supervising mentor.
  7. Once you have completed funding for each student, you can return to the Funding page on the Student menu to see a list of funding sources that you have committed to various students. You can click on an individual link to view more information about that entry, and you can update or delete it there if you wish by clicking the appropriate link on the Operations menu in the upper right corner of the screen.
  8. When you are finished with a funding record, be sure to go down to the bottom and click on the Create or Save button at the bottom to save your work.

  1. Once you have completed the funding information, you may return to the approval screen by clicking on Mentor Approvals on the Student menu. Approvals for other things like rotations appear here too, so be sure to scroll down to the table that is titled Student Faculty Selection Requests. 
  2. Verify funding once more by looking to the right on the same line—it will display funding sources you have associated with this student. If there is no funding associated with this appointment, then it will say "Click here to enter new funding." Click on the link there and be sure you have a record associating funding with each student you intend to approve.
  3. Once you are back on the Mentor Approval screen and have appropriate funding records associated, you can click on the approve or deny checkbox as you wish. Once you have made the selection, a button labeled "Comments" will appear. You may click on this button and enter any comment that you wish about this approval. Students do not see this comment.
  4. When you are finished with an approval record, be sure to click on the Create or Save button at the bottom. By checking these boxes and clicking the save button, it is understood that you are "signing" this form with a kind of digital signature, which will carry the same weight as a signature on a paper form.


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