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Analyst Functions

There are two routes to take in accessing your Analyst Functions for a specific protocol: Analyst Business Queue (from your Dashboard) and from the IACUC protocol listing page.

Through the Analyst Business Item Queue 

From the Analyst Business Queue, you have a view of all items. To filter, utilize the blue banner area and select an option: Progress Reports; Administrative Changes or Animal Transfers.

Through IACUC Protocols (where you search through all IACUC protocols)

From the Dashboard, click the IACUC Protocols link in the Analyst Quick Links menu. For more information regarding icon descriptions, visit the Icon Legend - Staff.


Delegate Feature

From the Analyst Functions page, your menu will contain a new option, Delegate Assignment.  The purpose of this new feature is for the Analyst to act on behalf of the PI and provide necessary assistance.

Delegate Function


Locate Protocol

2.From Analyst Functions menu, click Delegate Assignment. A green banner will display indicating you have been added as Delegate.

Click the Dashboard link. Form the Dashboard, you will now see the protocol in Protocols with Delegate Assignment and in
Protocols listing you as part of Study Personnel
with an Action drop down.


Make any necessary edits to Admin Changes (ex: Adding a Co-PI), Progress Reports, or Transfer Requests.


Remove yourself as Delegate: Go to the Dashboard, click the Remove link within the Action column in Protocols with
Delegate Assignment. 



Protocol Documents

On the Analyst Function Menu, you will see Protocol Documents. This provides a direct link to all approved documents located in the Current folder. 

 When you click on the link, a second window will open and list all the documents saved in the Current folder. The user can download any needed documents. 


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