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Study Personnel on a protocol can be assigned, by the PI, Co-PI, or another Delegate, as a Delegate to a protocol. If the person you would like to assign as Delegate is not listed in your Study Personnel, you must first add then. 


Steps for assigning a Delegate:

  • Log into ORCA
  • From the Dashboard, locate the protocol for which you will assign a Delegate to.
  • Click the Action drop down
  • Click Administrative Change
  • Click Study Personnel (on left menu)
  • From the list of Study Personnel, click on the name of the person you would like to make Delegate.

  • Click the option '..may act as DELEGATE for the P.I'.

  • If you have no other changes,  click the check box (see below image), then click the blue Submit Changes for IACUC Review.

Administrative Change status:

    1. To view the status, click the protocol history icon 
    2. Once your changes have been approved, the next time you log in, the information that was entered and approved will display (If yes was selected).
    3. if your changes are denied, an email notice will be sent to the PI/Co-PI.

Once the request has been submitted, the IACP office will receive the request.  Once the request is processed, the individual you have selected as a Delegate should see the Action drop down. 



To successfully access ORCA, Google Chrome is the recommended browser supported by regulatory and IT support staff for the IACP Office.

If you have technical difficulties logging on, or viewing a protocol information contact VPR-IT@UTHSCSA.EDU OR 210-562-5691.


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