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The ORCA Dashboard will provide an investigator a dynamic overview of all of their active and inactive protocols and will  include icon indicators in order to enhance communication from regulatory offices back to the investigator.  If actions are required, by the investigator or support staff, the Dashboard page will communicate the next available steps.

Research staff (Co-PIs and Study Personnel) can also view protocols which they are assigned to. Below will provide an overview of the Dashboard landscape and provide you with contacts if assistance is needed, or if you have questions regarding your protocols.

Your Protocols 

Investigators and Co-PI
Your Protocols will list protocols you are the PI or Co-Pi to. All  Protocols, active and in-active, will display on the center of the Dashboard page, within the appropriate tab.  The Activities column will provide an   drop down. The drop down will contain a list of actions to choose from, based on the status of your protocol.

The red icon indicates a Progress Report is due.


External Protocols

If you are working with protocols regulated by an External IACUC  the protocol information can be found within the Active External Protocols tab.  Actions cannot be taken on External IACUC protocols.

Protocols listing you as part of study personnel 
Delegates and Study Personnel

The section, Protocols Listing You as part of study personnel will list protocols you are study personnel to.  If you are a Delegate, any action that can be taken by you, will be available in the column, Delegate Actions. 

(lightbulb) If you do not see your protocol(s) this indicates you are not assigned as study personnel. To obtain access, the PI, Co-PI, or Delegate will be able to request access through Administrative Changes and assign you as a Delegate. If you see your protocol(s) but do not see the Action drop down, the PI, Co-PI, or Delegate can request access.


Action drop down

If you are designated to complete a Progress Report, Administrative Change or Animal Transfer & Relocation request, you will see the Action drop down.  If you do not see the Action drop down for a specific protocol, you have not been given proper permissions.  For assistance, contact the IACP Office at or the VPR-IT group at

Switch Roles

If you are designated as a PI and also a delegate on multiple protocols, you will see the Switch Roles menu on the left side of the screen.  To view protocols where you are listed as the PI, select the PI Role. To view protocols where you are listed as the delegate, select the Study Personnel Role. 


Protocol Documents

Within the Action drop down a link, Protocol Documents, will display the IACUC approved documents for a specific protocol and the protocols' Approval Letters.  PIs, Co-PIs, and Delegates will have the ability to view and download the documents.

If the link, Protocol Documents, is not visible no documents are available.






Protocol History 

A history page will be made available to all study personnel. The protocol history will contain approved PDF documents of Progress Reports and will reflect the final status of an IACUC protocol, the outcome and who it was last updated by. If Administrative Changes were requested, the status will also be listed via the History.


Once the history icon is clicked, you will see the history to the protocol, and you will also have a PI Menu to the left. The links can serve as shortcuts to the Dashboard, Administrative Change or Progress Report.


In order to access your Profile from the Dashboard, click your name drop down. When you click, options available are Profile and Log out.

The Profile section will allow an individual to update personal information, such as preferred phone number and email address.

Vertical Menu 

The  vertical menu bar will be made available to quickly access links to other areas of the ORCA and regulatory offices. 

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