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The Dashboard will provide regulatory staff a dynamic overview of all protocols, based on the type of protocol selected (IACUC). Indicators will display on the screen in order to alert staff of upcoming protocol deadlines and assignments.

Two tabs are available:

  1. Pending Items  
    1. Progress Reports 
    2. Administrative Changes
    3. Animal Transfers
  2. Notifications Log
    1. Include list of both IRB and IACP notifications that were sent
    2. Protocol Number, Title, Regulatory Expiration, Notification Type, Recipients and the Send date of the notification will be available.


Pending Items

All  Protocols that have a progress report, denovo review, administrative change or animal transfer submitted will be displayed in the Analyst Business Item Queue. 

(lightbulb)To view Progress Reports that have not been submitted, but may be in progress, go to IACUC Protocols.

Last Updated by column will contain the name of the individual who last made an update to the Request Type.

Assigned Work

If you, the analyst, want to indicate that you will be working on a certain Request Type for:

Progress Report: open by clicking the folder in the View column, and click SAVE on the next screen. You will then notice Last Updated By displays your name.

Administrative Change: open by clicking the folder in the View column, and click the comment icon for any administrative change listed. Enter a comment, click Save Comment. You will then see Last Updated By displays your name.


If comments are entered by the analyst, you will see a comments image  within the Request Type column.

Hoover over the icon to view the comments.

Notification Log

The notification log will contain a history of notices emailed to the PI, Co-PI and Delegates. The log will contain the type of Notification, Recipients and date the email
notification was sent.

If an analyst is in the 'Delegate Assignment' role, and if a notification is set to go out, the analyst will be listed on the Recipients column and will receive an email notice. 

Notifications for PI, co-PI, and delegate(s)

  • Notifications that progress report is due will be sent at the following time-points – 30 days; 15 days; 7 days; 3 days; 1 day before the expiration. 
    • If a protocol is coming due for a De novo Review, a notification specific to De novo Review will be sent. In the initial notification will include the De novo Review Form. 
  • Once the progress report is submitted, the notifications will stop.
  • Notification that the protocol is expired will be sent at midnight on the day of the expiration.

Notifications for Staff

  • Notification that protocol will expire will be sent to at midnight on the day before the expiration.


In order to access your Profile from the Dashboard, click your name drop down. Once clicked, options available are Profile and Log out.

Vertical Menu 

The  vertical menu bar, on the left of the screen, will contain quick links to other areas of ORCA and regulatory offices. 



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