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VA lead protocols

"If this is a VA or TBRI reciprocal protocol (as applicable), do not complete the UTHSCSA progress report.  You will simply submit your approved Continuing Review VA or TBRI document to the IACP Office -”


To complete a Progress Report, follow the below steps.

From the dashboard, click on the  button,or the select action drop down..  The button will display 30 days prior to the Progress Report being due.

    • A PI will have the ability to submit a progress report any time.
    • A Delegate can only submit within 30 days of the progress report being due.
    • To inactivate, this can only be completed by the PI or Co-PI.


The menu to the left indicates the page you are on. All pages must be completed in order to submit the progress report.


  1. Approval Type:

    1. Respond to the first question "What do you want to do with this protocol?" and select an option from the drop down.
      The next series of yes/no questions will be based on your drop down selection for Inactivate or Continue Approval. Once you respond to the first group of Yes/No Questions, the following pages are

      Two options are available are below.

      Inactivate Approval will display the same Yes/No questions for the drop down responses listed below.
      The project was never started - no animals were used
      The project started but will not be completed - no animals were used (no animals active)
      The project is complete - no further use of animals is needed (no further activities involving animals; close the protocol)

      Continue Approval
      will display the same Yes/No question for the drop down responses listed below
      The project is on-going
      The project was inactive - activate it so use of animals can continue (currently inactive with plans to use animals in future)
      The project did not start - activate it so animal use can begin (anticipate starting the project this year)

  2.  Adverse Events:
    1. Follow the instructions, if you did have problems/unexpected adverse events, click Yes and follow the instructions in blue. Describe any unexpected events or problem that occurred since the last review. Click Continue when you have completed your response.
      If you do not have any unexpected adverse events, click no and continue.

  3. Progress Report:

    1. Follow the instructions, and provide a summary of the research activities since the last review. Include your specific aims and results you have obtained since the last review. Include references to any publications that have resulted from the protocol. Click Continue when you have completed your response.

  4. Animal Numbers:

    1. Total Approved -  displays the total number of animals approved by the IACUC. 

    2. Total Added to Date -  displays the cumulated number of animals added by the PI.  (e.g. purchased, transferred, from breeding colony)

    3. Is the Number Added This Period Correct? - is retrieved from PeopleSoft, and is the number purchased since your last progress report. Verify the Is the Number Added This Period  Correct? (green background).
      1. If you changed the Is the Number Added This Period Correct?, you will notice the Total Added to Date will be updated. 

    4. Regulated Species -  enter the Number Studied This Period. 
        1. This is the number actively used in the protocol during the past year. 
        2. This number will be used for the USDA report. 
        3. This number should not exceed the value in field, Total Added to Date. 
    5. Click Save My Responses and then Continue.

  5. Submit for Review:

    1. The last page is the Overview. You may review all sections of the progress report here. 
    2. If you need to save the data but are not ready to submit, click the Save Progress Report button .

    3. Once the Progress Report is complete, check the box "I am ready to submit this report for approval" and then click the Submit Progress Report button .

What's next? 

After a progress report is submitted, you are directed to the IACP Administrative Change where you will find your list of Study Personnel. Review, and edit, if necessary your study personnel list. 

After the Progress Report is submitted, the dashboard will show the status "PR Review Pending"

If a Delegate submits a progress report, an email notification will go to the PI and Co-PI to submit to the IACP Office.

To view the status of your progress report, go to the protocol history page by clicking the history icon next to your protocol, on your dashboard.

As of July 7th, 2014

As of July 7th, 2014, complete the progress report, submit, and review personnel in ORCA, located in IACP Admin Changes. From IACP Admin Changes, you will be directed to the section where you will review your study personnel.  Here you will review individuals on your study, add, edit or remove.

Note: If a submitted progress report is returned to the PI, the delegate may make the requested changes and submit back to the office.

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