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IACP Investigators and Staff:

The following areas will assist you, the Investigator or delegate, when navigating through O.R.C.A. and completing a progress report and the newest online forms,  IACP administrative changes or Animal Transfer requests.   If you are not an investigator or delegate, but are research personnel, you should access the Profile section in O.R.C.A. and confirm your contact information is accurate.

*The list of Child pages below will direct you to a specific help area and provide you with helpful instructional information.  The list of pages is identical to the menu on your left, under Investigators.

IRB Investigators and Points
of Contact:

More information for IRB Investigators and Points of Contact coming soon, August 2015!


More helpful Information

Log In: To successfully access O.R.C.A., Google Chrome is the recommended browser supported by regulatory and IT support staff for the IACP and IRB Offices.

Questions: If you have questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us at 210-567-2860 or IACP@UTHSCSA.EDU
For questions related to accessing IRB protocol documents, please email 

Technical Help: If you have technical difficulties logging on, or viewing a protocol information contact VPR-IT@UTHSCSA.EDU OR 210-562-5691.


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