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  • Protocol UID for Animal Orders - Ways to Search for the UID
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In PeopleSoft Financials Web Requisition - Animal Orders, the person creating the order can search for the UID with the IACUC Protocol No.


How do I convert the legacy IACUC and DLAR protocol numbers to the new numberFor a quick conversion from the legacy number to the new IACUC protocol number review the below:



New IACUC & DLAR Protocol Number

Legacy IACUC

Protocol Number



Legacy DLAR

Protocol Number



Easy way to search for the IACUC Protocol No:

  1. Protocol Number field, change 'begins with' to 'contains' 
  2. In Protocol Number field, enter the numerical digits from the legacy number. Example below shows 12005, excluding 'X'
  3. Click Search
  4. The UID should display



In O.R.C.A, the protocol number will be displayed in any O.R.C.A report or list. Go to the IACUC protocol list in O.R.C.A. From the list, you will see the IACUC Protocol No.

Legacy No. 12066x
IACUC Protocol No. 2012066AR 




  • In any O.R.C.A report, both LEGACY and IACUC Protocol No (orca id) will display.
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