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  • Short Version: How to Complete a Progress Report
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Locate the IACUC Protocol within ORCA

Click on the   button.  Respond to the first question "What do you want to do with this protocol?" and select an option from the drop down. If Inactivating, responded to the Yes/No Questions.

Adverse Events 

Respond to the  Yes / No question.  Describe any unexpected event or problem that occurred since the last review by clicking the   button. If Yes, describe the circumstances and resolution in the text box. Click Continue when you have completed your response. 

Progress Report

Provide a summary of the research activities since the last review. Include your specific aims and results you have obtained since the last review. Include references to any publications that have resulted from the protocol.  Click the   button to type your response. Click Continue when you have completed your response.


Animal Numbers

Verify the Number Added This Period (green background). This is the number purchased since last review. If the number is not accurate (animals were bred or transferred), correct the number and then explain the change. If you changed the Number Added This Period, enter an explanation.

For Regulated Species, enter the Number Studied This Period. This is the number actively used in the protocol during the past year. This number will be used for the USDA report.  Click Save My Responses for each species page updated and then Continue.


If you need to save the data but are not ready to submit, click the Save Progress Report button .Once the Progress Report is complete, check the box "I am ready to submit this report for approval" and then click the Submit Progress Report button . After the Progress Report is submitted by the PI, the dashboard will show the status "PR Review Pending" . If a delegate submits the progress report, an email notification will be routed to the PI to initiate the submit.

IACP Administrative Changes - Study Personnel

Once the progress report is submitted, you will be directed to another section of ORCA, IACP Admin Changes for Study Personnel. Review all areas for each individual, i.e., participating status, training and contact information. To add personnel, click the Add Person button . To remove personnel, click the Remove Person button . Click Save These Details and then Continue. 

Once study personnel has been updated, click the menu option submit for approval. Confirm your edits and click the submit button located on the bottom of the page. 

For more information on Study Personnel, click here.



If a delegate completes a progress report, the PI and Co-PI will receive an email notification that the progress report was filled out, but still needs to be submitted to the IACP Office.

For information regarding the protocol history, and progress report history, click the history button located on next to your protocol on your dashboard. 


Questions? Please contact the IACP Office at phone: 210-567-2860 email: OR for Technical Assistance 210-562-5691

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