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From the  IACUC Protocol list:

  • Locate the Protocol you will be working with. You should update the study personnel for all active IACUC protocols.
  • Click the folder icon

A list of Analyst Functions will serve as your menu.

  • Click Study Personnel from the menu




  • The page will display in a row format, indicating the individuals who are study staff on the protocol.

  • Individuals can be designated as the delegate, point of contact, and emergency contact.

  • Update phone number(s): If a phone number is already listed in the fields, it cannot be modified. If the phone number is empty (displays as (999) 999-9999), it can be edited.
  • Add Study Personnel: click the Add Person button

    • Add External Study Personnel 
  • Remove Study Personnel:  click the Remove Person button .

  • Click Save these Details once the personnel information is entered.

After updating and saving, icon will display on the dashboard, if one was not already listed.

External Users

If the new study personnel plans to access ORCA, they will need to register.  For help, go to External User Registration

(warning) If Study Personnel is updated via the Analyst view, there will not be a record displayed on the History view of the protocol. If Study Personnel is updated via the Administrative Change page, which is submitted by the PI, Co-PI or Delegate, a history record will display.


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