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Beginning July 7, 2014, once you submit a progress report, you will then complete your study personnel review. Study Personnel review will be located within the newest section, IACP Administrative Changes. Watch the video!


What is in the Study Personnel section? 

  • The area where you can list individuals (your study personnel) on a protocol and update those individuals as they leave the HSC or as they no longer are working with you on your protocol
  • The area where you can confirm all their training is up to date.
  • The area where you can confirm who should be the Point of Contact or Emergency Contact for the protocol.
  • The area where you can designate a delegate for the protocol.

  Areas you can update:

  1. Working with Animals

    If Study Personnel are performing experimental manipulations or working with animals OR are NOT not performing experimental manipulations or working with animals, select the appropriate option from the drop down.

  2. Delegate

    If an individual needs to be assigned as delegate, select the box next to the statement 'may act as DELEGATE for the PI'. A delegate may complete forms on behalf of the PI but cannot submit. 

  3. Training

    Verify training has been completed by clicking the box next to the statement 'As the P.I. I certify ....'

  4. Emergency Contact / Point of Contact

    Check the box for the type of contact and choose the contact phone number and email. 

    (lightbulb) If a contact field (phone/email) is not updated , the PI or Delegate can make an update. 
    Information already displayed will come from the individual's Profile page within ORCA and cannot be edited at this time.

  5. Conflict of Interest

    If there is a conflict of interest for this protocol, click the Conflict of Interest box and complete all available fields.

  6. Add/Delete

    1. Add Person

      1. Click the Add Person button on the screen  . 

      2. Click the drop down list under Search for a person and type a portion of that individuals' last name.  Scroll through the results and select the appropriate person.

      3. If you do not find the person in the drop down list and they are employed by the UT HSC or they are a student, contact the IACP office for assistance at

      4. Click the link, Click here to add a person if the person is not an employee/student and is an external person who needs to be added to the protocol. 

    2. Remove a person
      1. Click the Remove Person button for the individual you want to remove .
  7. Click Save These Changes for each individual until you are ready to submit your request.

Submit your Changes

After a person's study personnel profile has been edited and if you have additional edits to other study personnel listed, click the green button, Save these Changes. 

If you have no other changes,  click the check box (see below image), then click the blue Submit Changes for IACUC Review.

    1. Once submitted, the IACP office will receive your request. 
    2. If any requests are denied, you will receive an email.
    3. To check on the status, go to the protocol history page, by clicking the clock icon 
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