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The below procedures were implemented during the December 2013 release of the IACUC progress report. Since that time, additional information has been provided to us, allowing for increased functionality within species reporting.  

 As of July 11th, 2014 - Analysts will no longer update the field,  Is Number Added this period correct.  As soon as PI/Co-PI/Delegate access the Species page the field, Is Number Added this period correct, will reflect the latest number retrieved from CEDAR/PeopleSoft.


From the  IACUC Protocol list, locate the Protocol you will be working with. You should update the animal numbers before you notify the PI of the pending progress report.

  1. Click the Folder icon.

    (lightbulb) Tip: The number next to the mouse icon indicates the # of species for the protocol.

  2. On the Analyst Function menu, click Species Numbers. 
  3. The next screen will display in a row format, indicating the types of species on the protocol. Multiple species will display in multiple rows. The example below shows Ferret(s) and Goat(s).
  4. Click the Species name to view the details.
  5. The first row of information is the total number of animals approved by the IACUC. The second row of information is the cumulated number of animals added by the PI.
  6. The third row of information is the Number Added This Period (green background). Enter the number in the Number of Animals column, as designated by LAR. Click the checkmark button. You will notice that the Total Added to Date number (second row) will increase based on the number you entered in the green row. To undo the number you entered, click the refresh button .
  7. The last row of information shows the number of animals used by USDA category. The PI will complete this section.
  8. Click Save My Responses once the updated numbers are entered.(This function is not currently enabled). PI Notification if you must notify the PI that this protocol has a progress report due, click the send button. A message box is also available if you prefer to communicate specific instructions.
    1. The row, Total Added To Date, will update with the Number Added This PeriodExample:  If  the Total Added To Date row already contained 2 and you add 3, Total Added To Date will display 5 once your response is saved.

  9. Once the animal numbers are updated by RRP staff, a mouse icon will display above the Protocol title on the dashboard.  
  10. Notify the PI of the pending progress report.

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