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ORCA is where the online web application you will go access in order to access view IACUC protocol information and Animal Transfer requests.

Information about a protocol that will be provided to you includes: title, name, expiration date, study personnel and contact information.

Using the web browser, Google Chrome, log in with your email and domain password, 




Within ORCA, two pages are now available to you:

  1. IACUC Protocols: a view only area where you can view active and inactive protocol information.
  2. Reports: Study Personnel and Species: a view only area where you can view study personnel and species on a protocol.


IACUC Protocols

  1. Log onto ORCA
  2. Click IACUC Protocols on the left of your page.
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  3. All Protocols will display

Please review the following page before reviewing the IACUC protocol listing.  How to Sort IACUC Protocols.  



IACUC Reports