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A disclosure contains the details of your activities with an outside entity. The first time you open this window there will be no disclosures to display.

To proceed with creating a disclosure, complete all fields:

  • Click Image Removed
    Add a Disclosure

    To proceed with creating a disclosure, complete all fields:

    • Click Image Added and  complete all fields. 
    • Disclosure Type
      • Uncompensated Activity, Equity, Intellectual Property, Substantial Business Interest or Gift.
    • Activity Type
      • Advisory Board / Committee, Governing Board, Officer, Consultant, Expert Witness, Family Member Employment, Administrative Support, Reviewer, Seminar/Lecture, Speaker, Financial Services, Legal Services, Professional Services, Retail, Sales, Volunteer, or Other.
    • Relates to Job Function
    • Disclosure For
      • Myself, Spouse, Dependent child, Parent, Unmarried Adult (living with you), Other
    • Start and End date
    • Entity Name - select from the list. All active entities will be displayed.
  • Disclosure Type
    • Compensation, Travel Only, Outside Employment, Substantial Business Interest, Fiduciary Role, Equity, Intellectual Property, Royalties, Supervisory Relationship, Gifts, Other
  • Type of Activity
    • Advisory Board / Committee, Governing Board, Consultant, Equity Holdings, Expert Witness, IP Rights, Royalty Income, Speaker, Reviewer, Travel, Volunteer, Other
  • Research related - is this activity related to you sponsored research?
    • Description of Activity
    • Total $ Amount
    • Disposition
      • Kept It, Turned it In, Not Applicable, Other
    • Duration (in days)
  • Continue
    • Yes, No, Not Sure, Not Applicable

Used Vacation - do you use vacation time performing this activity?

    • Yes, No, Not Applicable
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    • Work Days
    • Vacation Days
    • Research related - is this activity related to you sponsored research?
    • Involves Intellectual Property
    • Uses University Resources

    Image Added

    • Click Save when done. You will be directed back to the Disclosures page.
    Edit a Disclosure
    • Click on the Pencil icon in the activity column of the entity you are wanting to edit.
    • The information about that entity will be appear in the fields in the bottom half of the window.
    • Make your changes and select the blue Save button.
    Delete a Disclosure
    • Click on the Trashcan icon in the Action column of the disclosure you want to delete.
    • A warning message will be displayed asking you to confirm your action.
    Image Removed
    • Image Added
    • Click on the blue Delete button to delete the entity or select Cancel if you change your mind.
    •  Remember, if you simply want to stop an entity from displaying as an option when completing your Disclosure page, Inactivate the entity.

NOTES: About editing and deleting a disclosure:

    1. A disclosure can only be deleted if it is part of a report you are editing.
    2. Similarly, a disclosure can only be edited before you submit your report.
    3. Disclosures in reports that have been certified and submitted cannot be deleted (the trashcan button will be disabled).
    4. Similarly, disclosures cannot be edited if the report has been submitted. The Pencil button will cause the details to be displayed in the bottom half of the window but all fields will be disabled.