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A: When searching through IRB Protocols in ORCA sort by:

  •  status -  IRB - Draft Study Created 

QWhen a protocol is no longer listed as IRB - Draft Study Created, how do I know it was initiated in Velos eResearch?

A: In O.R.C.A, you will see a Velos Study ID connected to the protocol


Q: Where in PIMs can I go to view studies that have been created in Velos eResearch?

A: All new studies created in Velos/eResearch will be displayed in a report on the PIMs dashboard. Click the 'Initiated in VELOS' button to view the report. Studies will have a status of IRB - Draft Study Created.


Impact of Velos Research/PIMS Access database interface:

1)      New studies can be initiated in the Velos eResearch application. New studies created in eResearch will be imported into PIMS overnight.