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During Annual Reporting, the Conflict of Interest Office (COI) reviews all disclosures submitted in the report. At times more information may be required in order for the COI office to accurately review the information provided by a HSC faculty or staff member.

In the event a disclosure is returned to you, the discloser you will:

  1. Receive an email notification indicating a disclosure was returned to you.
  2. Review the comments in the disclosure as to why the item was returned.
  3. Edit the disclosure and resubmit.
    1. Notice, the status of your disclosure is Returned. The status will not change until the disclosure is editing. Once the disclosure is edited, the status will display New.


A returned disclosure on your Dashboard

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View comments

Once you have logged in, select the Disclosure from your dashboard and click on View.

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Edit the Disclosure

To edit the disclosure, select the disclosure and click Edit.

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Once you have made your edits and clicked on SAVE, you will return to the Dashboard and your disclosure will now have a background of green with a status of NEW.

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You can now Submit your disclosure by selecting the Disclosure and clicking Submit.

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