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The second section searches for species within a protocol by: Protocol No., PI, or Co-PI.




Search by Study personnel by Protocol
Using the first field, personnel by Protocol will allow you to type an individuals name


Clicking the View button will provide you a list of all individuals on IACUC protocols and the Protocols they are assigned to.
(lightbulb)Click Ctrl+F to search for a specific person 


Locate contact information for the person:

  1. Click on the Protocol No. in the first row
  2. You will be directed to the Study Personnel for Specific Protocol report
  3. Click on the person's name, and you will see additional information on the left menu with phone number and email address.

If the PI has designated a POC or Emergency contacted, they will be listed on this page.

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Species Report:

The below example shows the search by PI, James Garrison. All protocols associated with the PI will display within the left menu. If we searched by Co-PI, all protocols that individual is associated with will also be displayed within the left menu.