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New Video - Current Activity - 2014

2015 Annual Reports

Video The video will demonstrate how to view annual reports that have been submitted; reports that have been approved; how to view a list of all individuals required to submit a report and a walk-thru of how to view individuals that have submitted a report. 

System Activity - Dashboard

Outstanding Reports (reports not submitted) and other views available to departments and divisions.

Click here for the video



Review Summary - Annual Reporting 

An overview of your department activity is provided on the Dashboard, within System Activity.  The columns will provide you with the total number of reports to expect, total/percentage already submitted, and 

the number remaining.

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Required to Submit

To view the individuals that have submitted, click Your Departments:  The view available will display all employees expected to submit (with the exclusion of new employees).  

The fields: Name, Job Title, FLSA, Plan, F/T, FTE and Dept ID, allow you to type and search for specific information.

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Submitted Reports

To view all individuals that have submitted a report, click the green reports button. Image Removed

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Review Summary.  There are two columns of detail available, the left column, Received / Under Review, displaying categories of reports submitted  and currently under review by the COI office. To the right, Approved, displaying reports that have been approved with the category they fall under.

As a reminder, these reports provide a retrospective accounting of an individual's outside activities in 2015. Because these activities have already taken place, should a department require an individual to make changes to their outside activities, any adjustments should be for future activities.

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View Reports

To view any category within Review Summary, select an available hyperlink. You will be directed to the reports which fall within the category selected.

Reports - Submitted

The next screen will direct you to the list of reports from the category you selected in Review Summary.   To view a report, select the look-up icon for the individual.Image Added

Available radio buttons to toggle between are: EmployeesOutstanding Reports and Approved. 

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Work-Total number of work days entered in a report. This is the sum of all work days entered.
Vaca.-Total number of vacation days entered in a report. This is the sum of all vacation days
entered for a report. 

Indicates the total number of disclosures entered in a report.

$ Total-The sum of all disclosures.
ActionsImage AddedIndicates a report (i.e., at least 1 disclosure was entered). If a report is submitted with 0
disclosures, a view icon will not be displayed. 



Have Not Submitted

The most common report requested, Outstanding Reports, provides a list of employees that have not submitted.

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New Employees

A view of all individuals who began employment on or after the 1st of the current year and are required to submit an annual report can be viewed
by clicking the New Employees button. The button is avaialble from the Existing Employees view.

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Download to Excel

To download the current page, or all pages, into excel, scroll to the bottom of the page, select an option and click