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As of July 5, 2015, active IRB Protocol documents are available within O.R.C.A. The way you manage the folders on your shared drive will also show a change in the number of digits provided. Please see the below section, Visual of protocol # structure, for this information.

Visual of protocol # structure

2015XXXXHU         Protocol # (can be found in ORCA this way)

     example: 20150001HU

15-XXXH                Protocol information previously used in file structure

     example: 15-001H

15-XXXXH              Protocol information structure as of June 2015

     example: 15-0001H


Beginning 09/01/2015 you will use the calendar year in your filing structure, not the fiscal year.*

Locate the Current Folder

  1. Log onto O.R.C.A.
  2. Go to IRB Protocols List
  3. Locate the protocol 
  4. Click the documents folder
  5. The Protocol Documents - On the Analyst menu, click the 'Protocol Documents' link.
  6. All documents in the Current folder will be displayed and can be downloaded.