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  • Disclosure Approval Requests: Review Process

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Once annual reporting has ended, the Conflict of Interest Manager will review submitted annual reports.

  • Reports containing 0 disclosures - all reports will automatically be approved and the reportee will receive an automated email concluding the review process.
  • Reports containing at least 1 disclosure - all reports will be reviewed by the Conflict of Interest Manager. If a disclosure(s) is deemed a Conflict of Interest the activities will be reviewed by the COI Committee and the COI Manager will provide you with the Committee decision once it has been made.  If the disclsoure(s) is deemed as a Conflict of Commitment, approval is at the discretion of the department. The decision of a COC by the COI Manager is for information purposes only.

At the end of the review process, each department will receive a report of the prior year's reporting activity. When interactions are reported that have the appearance of a conflict of interest, the HSC Conflict of Interest Committee will provide additional review and make a determination as to whether a real or potential conflict exists.