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Coming March 15, 2015, iDisclose v3.0
Report annual disclosures and submit prior approvals in one location. 


Reporting for the 2014 reporting period is now open.


In preparation for the upcoming open season on annual reporting, we are demonstrating the latest version of iDisclose. See below date(s):

  Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at 1p.m. in the LEC 3.3104A Pestana Lec Hall
titleiDisclose v3.0 - Seminar Training

If assistance is needed, feel free to email in order to set up a 1x1 meeting.


Call 210-562-6838 or email COI@UTHSCSA.EDU

Technical Support 

Call 210-567-8270 or  210-562-5691 or email VPR-IT@UTHSCSA.EDU


Need to re-assign a Department/Division Reviewer or Go-To Contact?