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  • An animal order cannot be placed

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Individual An individual cannot place an animal order.


  • If the PI contains an external email. To view the PI's protocol, and view the PI name and email, you can access ORCA and go to menu, Protocols and select IACUC PROTOCOL LIST.


    • If the email is an external account, the PI will need to contact the IACP Office in order to update the PI information.

  • If the PI is a UTHSCSA employee and their email account is correct, the PI may be listed as a resident.  Animal ordering will not be successful if an individual is a Resident and is listed as the PI.
    • DLAR can confirm this by accessing their view in PeopleSoft and going to the IACP Protocols tab. If the Protocol PI: field contains an employee id, this is an indicator the PI is a resident.

  • If the PI is a UTHSCSA employee with a UTHSCSA email address, confirm the spelling is correct. There are times when the PI may have been manually entered.