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Table of Contents

Accessing My iDisclose Reports

Sign On

  1. Go to
  2. Click on My iDisclose Reports
  3. Log on using your UTHSCSA email address and password

The iDisclose Wizard

Completing your disclosures of outside activities takes place through the iDisclose Wizard. The wizard displays a 3 step navigation bar to identify where you are within the disclosure process. The right side of the navigation bar contains the Previous and Next buttons for moving between the steps.

Directly below the navigation bar you will two elements.

    • On the left - Select a reporting period
    • On the right - the Information Bar and the Report Menu

Menus & Icons


Select a reporting period is where you choose the period for which you are reporting.
Report Menu displays a list of options for the current report including Download a PDF and Logout.
The Information Bar icons are:

Image AddedTally of the disclosures included in the current report.
If you have nothing to disclose this will always show "0"
Image AddedIndicates whether the selected report is open (and can be edited)
or locked (because it has been certified and submitted).