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Table of Contents

Accessing My iDisclose Reports

Sign On

  1. Go to
  2. Click on My iDisclose Reports
  3. Log on using your UTHSCSA email address and password

The iDisclose Wizard

Completing your disclosures of outside activities takes place through the iDisclose Wizard. The wizard displays a 3 step navigation bar to identify where you are within the disclosure process. The right side of the navigation bar contains the Previous and Next buttons for moving between the steps.

Directly below the navigation bar you will two elements.

    • On the left - Select a reporting period
    • On the right - the Information Bar and the Report Menu

Menus & Icons

Select a reporting period is where you choose the period for which you are reporting.

Report Menu displays a list of options for the current report including Download a PDF and Logout.
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The Information Bar icons are:

Tally of the disclosures included in the current report.
If you have nothing to disclose this will always show "0"
Indicates whether the selected report is open (and can be edited)
or locked (because it has been certified and submitted).

Disclosing as a New Employee

Step 1 - Start Here

  1. Click on Select a reporting period and choose New Employee
  2. Answer the (3) Yes / No questions.
    1. Your relationship with for-profit entities
    2. Your relationship with non-profit entities
    3. Gift reporting as required by the State of Texas
  3. Click Next when finished.
  4. If all your answers are No you have nothing to declare. You will advance to Step 3 - Certification.
    (All of your answers in Step 2 - Disclosures have been automatically set to No)

Step 2 - Disclosures

  1. Notice that the menu on the right has changed to Disclosure Menu.
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  2. Answer the (6) Yes / No questions.
    1. If any answer in Step 1 was Yes at least one of the questions in Step 2 should also be Yes (see the screen image below).
    2. Questions 1-5 apply to both For-Profit and Non-Profit entities.
    3. If you indicated you had Gifts to report in Step 1, question 6 in Step 2 will have been set to Yes automatically.
    4. If all answers are No, any Yes answer in Step 1 will be automatically set to No. By selecting No to all questions in Step 2 you are indicating you have nothing to disclose.
  3. Complete My Entities and My Disclosures via the Disclosure Menu.
    Your entities may also be accessed from the Report Menu in Step 1.

My Entities

An entity is an individual, business, institution or organization that you interact with and with whom you have external activities to disclose. The top half of the My Entities window will display all entities you interact with. The bottom half of the window contains the fields to enter information about a new entity or to edit the information about an existing entity.

NOTE: As a New Employee you will have no entities displayed. Any entities you add now will be available for your use in the future. Please complete all fields.

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Add an Entity
  • Entity Title
  • Location - street and City State/Province, Country
  • Entity Type:
    • Higher Ed Institution, Federal Agency, State/Local Agency, Home Business, Publicly Traded Co, Privately Traded Co, Professional Society, Other
  • Entity Category:
    • For-Profit, Non-Profit, Gift Source
  • This entity is currently active:
    This checkbox controls whether an entity is displayed for your use with disclosures, providing a way to hide and entity in future should you not need to use it.

Once each field has been completed the green Add button will become available. The blue Save button is used when editing an entity.

The top half of the window will now display the entity you have added. The Action column to the right of each row of the entity table contains two buttons used for editing or deleting an entity.

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Edit an Entity
  • Click on the Pencil icon in the activity column of the entity you are wanting to edit.
  • The information about that entity will be appear in the fields in the bottom half of the window.
  • Make your changes and select the blue Save button.
Delete an Entity
  • Click on the Trashcan icon in the activity column of the entity you are wanting to delete.
  • A warning message will be displayed asking you to confirm your action.
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  • Click on the blue OK button to delete the entity or select Cancel if you change your mind.
  • Remember, if you simply want to stop an entity from displaying because you do not have an activity to report, un check the This entity is currently active checkbox rather than using delete.

NOTES: About deleting entities.

  1. Entities that are used in a report that has been certified and submitted cannot be deleted. If you choose to delete such an entity it will be made permanently unavailable to you.
  2. Deleting an entity that has never been used in a report is permitted.
  3. If you delete an entity used in a disclosure that is part of your current report, you must either delete the disclosure or add the appropriate entity to it.

Step 3 - Certification