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Step 2 Disclosures | My Disclosures

From Step 2 Disclosures:

  1. Answer ALL (6) Yes / No questions
  2. If you have selected at least 1 Yes, Go to Disclosure Menu  >  My Disclosures.  If you have ALL Nos, proceed to Step 3, Certification.
    • Complete all required fields [bottom half of page]
    • The Entity Name field is a drop down and contains all Entities that are Activated.
        If the Entity Name field is blank go to My Entities to Add or Activate Entities.


      • To Activate: 1) Click Edit    2) Click Activate this Entity for Use in My Disclosures  3) Click Save Edits
      • To Add:  1) Complete all Fields AND click Activate this Entity for Use in My Disclosures  2) Click Add as New
  3. Close the My Entities Window. You will see the My Disclosures page once again.
  4. Complete My Disclosures; make sure to save your information. If the Add as New or Save Edits is not available, a required field has not been completed.
  5. Close My Disclosures  > Proceed to the Certification page by clicking Next

Step 3 Certification page

  1. Answer all Questions by clicking the Check boxes
  2. Click Submit your Report
  3. Click Finalize my Report

You will receive an email in you inbox confirming your submission.

  1. To print your report, the Menus within the iDisclose Wizard will list:   Download and print if you wish.
  2. Close all windows to leave iDisclose.


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