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  • Assisting Investigators Using ORCA
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Here are some common issues investigators may experience:

  • Login-Browser
    • Use this URL: The other URLs you will see during the login process should not be bookmarked.
    • The link to ORCA is available on the IACP/IACUC website.
    • To login, you will need to type your complete HSC email address and password.
    • Google Chrome is the recommended browser. You may experience problems if you are using Internet Explorer.  If you need help with downloading/installing Chrome, Michelle Mendoza is available to assist (, 210-562-5691).
    • If user is unable to get past the login screen, advise them to clear the browser history.
      • Open Google Chrome.
      • Click on the Customize button  in the upper right corner. 
      • Select History.
      • Select Clear Browsing Data.
      • Select "the beginning of time" in the drop down list.
      • Click Clear Browsing Data.
      • Close Google Chrome.


  • Dashboard
    • The dashboard will show the investigator’s protocols. The protocols that need a progress report to be submitted will have the red button ‘Progress Rept Due’.
    • If you are logged in and do not see any red buttons, you are not assigned as the delegate. If there is nothing in the Delegate Actions column on the dashboard, this indicates you are listed as study personnel for the protocol but are not the delegate
      • Note: If it is the PI logged in and there are no red buttons, contact Cheryl. The person’s role is not configured properly in ORCA.
    • Delegates are not automatically configured. The PI can assign study personnel as delegates, or the RRP staff can assign the delegate.
  • Progress Report Form
    • Click the Continue button at the bottom of the screen to advance through the form. A progress bar will display on the left side of the screen. You cannot jump ahead in the form, but you can click to a previous page you have already completed.
    • Text can be copied and pasted into the fields. Tables and images can be inserted. There is a formatting toolbar across the top of the text field.


  • Submission
    • Once the progress report is submitted, the PI will receive a confirmation email and the RRP office will receive the submission email.
    •  Additionally on the dashboard, the red button will change to “Review Pending”
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