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From the IACUC Protocol list, locate the Protocol you will be working with. After the progress report is submitted, do not use the Species or Personnel pages under the Action menu if you need to make changes. Follow the steps below. 

Step 1 will allow you to make updates to the submitted progress report (without notifying the PI and keeping the report locked).

Steps 2 and 3 will unlock the submitted progress report and return it to the PI so the PI can make the changes.

  1. If you would like to make changes to the progress report without alerting the Investigator:
    1. Click the Action drop down
    2. Click Progress Report, make updates as necessary.
    3. The Progress Report stays locked using this method.

      (lightbulb) Taking the above steps will not display the red button indicating a progress report is due.

  2. The padlock icon, , indicates a Progress Report has been submitted and is locked from editing.                                 [new image coming soon]

  3. Click on the padlock, , to unlock.  A small screen will appear. Two options are available, 1) Unlock Progress Report   2) Unlock PR & Notify PI


new image coming soon

1) Unlock Progress Report - Click the blue button if the PI will need to edit the progress report but the PI will not be notified via ORCA. (Keep in mind, even though the PI is not notified, if they are logged into ORCA, they will see the the progress report due button) The Message: box will be available to you, but you should not use. Text entered will not be stored and will not be routed to anyone. Use this method if you need the PI to make changes but you do not want to send the email notification.

2) Unlock PR & Notify PI - Click the green button if the Progress Report needs to be returned to the PI for editing.  

      • If a message needs to be communicated to the PI, text can be entered into the Message: box.

(lightbulb) When the progress report is unlocked, it cannot be edited by the RRP staff anymore. The unlock feature should be used if the PI needs to make changes.

Note: If the progress report is returned for editing, the delegate can make the changes and submit back to the office. The PI is not required to login and submit. 

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