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From the dashboard, you have the ability to manage your entities, view disclosures for current and past reporting seasons, view disclosures which require Prior Approval and view past reports.

Sections Overview:

  • Entities will display entities you have previously added to iDisclose. Reporting in 2015 provides additional fields in the entities section.  Edit the entity and make active in order to use it in your 2015 reporting or in the future.
  • Disclosures of Activities & Financial Interests will display disclosures for the different reporting periods. If you entered a disclosure in 2014 and will need to use it in 2015, you have the ability to clone.
  • Prior Approvals will display all disclosures which are designated by the COI office as Prior Approvals. If any disclosure from 2013 or 2014 was identified as a prior approval, you will be able to view in in the 2013 or 2014 area. During annual reporting, if in your report a disclosure is identified as a 'prior approval' you will see the single disclosure(s) in the Prior Approvals section.
  • Annual Reports will contain all past reports. Here you will have the option to view, print and email. Any reports prior to CY 2012 will not be available for viewing.


Allows you to edit a report.

Deletes a report.

Allows you to view your report within a browser window.
Allows you to email a PDF version of your report.
Allows you to download a PDF version of your report.
 When a item like a disclosure or entity is checked,
the clone button will be available. This will allow you to
clone, or duplicate the item. 


iDisclose v3.0 is updated to help navigate you through completing your annual report and prior approvals. Once a page is completed, the only way forward is by clicking the Continue to the Next Step button, located at the lower right. The four pages to complete are: Overview, Entities, Disclosures, and Certify for annual reporting.  If you are submitting a single disclosure, you will not see the overview page.

If you have no disclosures to make, you will only need to complete the Overview and Certify page. 



Each page contains a Help icon . Once clicked, the blue header bar will expand with additional information.

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