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Analyst Functions

CTO Analyst functionality will allow for an analyst to unlink the VELOS eResearch ID.

Actions completed within this function will be displayed in the Protocol History view.



This section should only be modified by a CTO Manager and will be available only to those protocols which are currently linked to eResearch.  

If section, Unassociate eResearch Linking is unavailable, it is due to a link not being present.

The purpose of this functionality is to unlink an eResearch ID link to an Protocol number. Through Velos, there is not an automated way. The unlinking is a manual process 
and must be completed by an individual within O.R.C.A and PIMs, depending on the situation.

There are 2 scenarios for unlinking.

  1. Existing PIMS protocol was linked to an eResearch study in error. Step:
    1. Locate protocol and unlink via O.R.C.A 
  2. A new protocol was created and then a decision was made not to continue it.  Steps:
    1. Locate protocol and unlink via O.R.C.A 
    2. Locate protocol in PIMs and set status to Withdrawn.

 Set to withdrawn in PIMS only applies to a newly generated protocol.


More on Velos eResearch

Additional pages which include information relevant to Velos eResearch:


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