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  • Disclosure Approval Requests: Review Process
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Throughout the year individuals will have the ability to proactively disclose their outside activities of the Health Science Center and requests for approval of External Employment, Consulting, Board Membership, or Related Activities submit such requests via iDisclose.  

Once an individual has submitted their request, the COI Manager will receive the submission, review and forward to the appropriate department. If it is deemed as a Prior Approval (Requests for approval of External Employment, Consulting, Board Membership, or Related Activities) the department/division must route the request to the universities Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  If the submission is not identified as a Prior Approval, the department/division has the final approval.

ActionsIconCOI OfficeDepartment/DivisionChief Financial Officer
COC - Conflict of Commitmentxx 
COI - Conflict of Interestxx 
PA - Prior Approvalx  
UTS 180-x  
Management Planx  
Reroute to COI or Reviewer-xxx
Return to User-xxx
Final Approval w/ out Prior Approval- x 
Final Approval w/ Prior Approval-  x


Once the COI manager reviews the disclosure and made determinations (COI, COC, PA, Mgmt Plan, UTS 180), the COI manager will assign to the next reviewer. The reviewer is determined by the discloser's department id.

  1. Reviewer is notified via email

    1. an email will be sent from UTHSCSA iDisclose System 
    2. The email will direct you to log into iDisclose
  2. Log into iDisclose - Review Summary

    1.  two tabs will be available Disclosures and Prior Approval Requests

    2. if the COI Manager determined the single disclosure is a Prior Approval, the disclosure will be in the Prior Approvals tab

    3. open one of the two tabs and click an available hyperlink (Example: Click All Disclosures)

  3. Disclosures - Ready for Review

    1. The view will display all disclosures that are ready to be reviewed by the department/division.
    2. Click the view icon to open the disclsoure. 

  4. Review the Disclosure

    1. To make comments or to view the COI Office's comments, click .
    2. If this is a COI or COC, click the COI or COC icons. 

  5. Assign to a Reviewer

    1. If another individual in your department is required to review disclosures or disclosures flagged as Prior Approvals you can route the disclosure to them. 
      *If you must reroute to the COI Manager, select Zuniga-Rapp, Melanie from iDisclose Reviewers.
    2. Click 'Approve / Next Reviewer' 
    3. iDisclose Reviewers - individuals already identified and confirmed to review in iDisclose.
    4. All Employees - allows you to select an individual who is not already listed as an iDisclose reviewer.
    5. Once an individual is selected, click .
    6. The individual will receive an email notification from UTHSCSA iDisclose indicating they have been assigned as a reviewer.

  6. Final Approval

    1. If you are the final approval, click 
    2. * If the disclosure was flagged as a Prior Approval, it must be routed to the CFO office. The CFO office will be the final approval.

  7. Assign to CFO

    1. Only if the disclosure has a determination of Prior Approval, the final approval should be the CFO, Andrea Marks, MBA.
    2. To assign to the CFO, click 
    3. Locate Marks, Andrea (B5000 VP, CFO) from iDisclose Reviewers drop down.
    4. Click .
    5. The CFO will receive an email notification from UTHSCSA iDisclose indicating they have been assigned as a reviewer. 

  8. Disapprove

    1. The disclosure can be disapproved by the COI manager, department/division or the CFO.
    2. To disapprove, first enter comments as to why the disclosure is being disapproved and make available to the discloser.
    3. Click .
    4. The individual will receive an email notification from UTHSCSA iDisclose and direct the discloser to iDisclose to view their disclosure.


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