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During Annual Reporting season, the path to log into iDisclose will adjust. Using the below steps, individuals will still be able to submit single disclosures and requests for External Activities, Employment, Consulting, Board Membership, or Related Activities.


  1. Log in with the green button, 'Submit your 2015 Annual Report'
  2. Click Continue on the Additional Considerations... page
  3. Log in with your university email address and domain password
  4. If you have not submitted your 2015 Annual Report, a Welcome Back message will display, click the Cancel button

  5. Close any other messages (If you began employment after January 1, navigate to the Dashboard) and click the Dashboard  hyperlink on the top banner. You will be directed to the iDisclose Dashboard where you will see a history of Entities, Disclosures and Annual Reports.

  6. Entity:
    Confirm your entity is listed, if not, click the Add New button and add the entity you wish to disclose for. All entities must be active in order for them to be listed as an option with Disclosure Details.

    1. More information on what an Entity is, go to My Entities.

  7. Disclosure:
    From Disclosures of Activities & Financial Interests, click Add New to add the single disclosure. Complete the Disclosure Details page and click Save.

    1. More information on what a single disclosure is, go to My Disclosures.


  8. You will now see a new Disclosure listed with a status of New

  9. Submit:
    Select the disclosure and click Submit

  10. Your disclosure will be routed to the Conflict of Interest Office for review. Once reviewed, the disclosure will be routed to your department.
  11. To check the status of your disclosure, log into iDisclose and navigate to the Dashboard.  If your single disclosure was identified as a Prior Approval, it will be listed withing the Prior Approvals section of your Dashboard.  If it is not  Prior Approval, it will remain in the Disclosures of Activities & Financial Interests section.



Questions? Email COI@UTHSCSA.EDU or call 210-562-6838 | Technical Support: 210-567-8270 / 210-562-5691 or email: VPR-IT@UTHSCSA.EDU 


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