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  • iDisclose v3.0 Quick Start
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  • You must have an HSC ID to submit in the iDisclose System

  • Turn off your web browser's pop-up blocker

  • Even if you have reported previously using eCOI, you must create a new report

  • You are reporting for the previous CALENDAR YEAR

Submitting your Report in Six Easy Steps

  1. Go to:
    1. Click on My iDisclose Reports on the menu to the left
  2. Sign on using your UTHSCSA email address and password
  3. Select a Reporting Period in Step 1 - Start Here.
    1. If you were hired this year (2013), select New Employee
    2. Otherwise, select January - December 2012
  4. Complete the Yes/No questions. Click Next.
    1. If you have Nothing to Declare (all three answers are No) you will advance to Step 3 - Certification. Go to step 6 below.
  5. Complete the Yes/No questions in Step 2 - Disclosures.
    1. If any answer is Yes, click on the Disclosure Menu and
      1. Complete My Entities.
      2. Complete My Disclosures.
      3. Click Next.
        NOTE: You will not be able to advance until at least one Disclosure is completed.
  6. Certify your report in Step 3 - Certification.
    1. All three certification check boxes must be completed before the Submit buttons will activate.

My Entities

An entity is the individual, business, institution with who you have interacted and need to declare your activities.

  • Provide the name of the entity, the street address, city, state/province and country.
  • Categorize the entity as Federal, State/Local, Higher Education, Traded Company, Home Business, Professional Society or Other.
  • Classify the type of entity as For-Profit, Non-Profit or Gift Source
  • Check the Activate this Entity box to make this entity available for disclosures.

NOTE: the entities you have interacted with in the past will be available to you. Because of the way this information was previously collected you will need to edit each record and place each into its appropriate category and type. Check the Activate this Entity box if you want to use an entity. Leaving it unchecked will leave it unavailable for disclosure reporting.

My Disclosures

A disclosure is the record of your activity with an outside Entity.

  • Select who the report is for (Myself, Spouse, Adult Child etc).
  • Select the entity name.
  • Select the disclosure type.
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