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 Access a Progress Report that is Submitted

From the dashboard, go to:

  • Analyst Business Item Queue 

  • Locate the Protocol you will be working with. 
  • Click the folder in the View column. You will automatically be directed to the Analyst view of the Progress Report

What can I do from this page?

  • The below menu are functions to use when reviewing:
    • The Progress Report on your screen can be edited. Be sure to click Save after you have made edits
    • Use the Comments feature to enter any internal comments.
    • To return to PI, click Send Back to PI
    • If the Progress Report is ready, click Ready for Review 
    • After the Progress Report is reviewed, the analyst will need to return to this page and either Approve or Disapprove the progress report.


After the progress report is submitted, do not use the Species or Personnel pages under the Analyst Function menu.

  • Send Back to PI - Click the mustard button from the analyst menu if the PI will need to edit the progress report. 
    1. if the PI needs to be notified, click Return PR with Message (green button)
    2. if the PI does not need to be notified, click Return Progress report (light blue button)


(Keep in mind, even though the PI is not notified, if they are logged into ORCA, they will see the the progress report due button) The Message: box will be available to you, but you should not use. Text entered will not be stored and will not be routed to anyone. Use this method if you need the PI to make changes but you do not want to send the email notification.

(lightbulb) When the progress report is returned to the PI, it can be edited by the RRP staff. The Send Back to PI is used when the progress report has been submitted.

(lightbulb) Note: If the progress report is returned for editing, the delegate can make the changes and submit back to the office. The PI is not required to login and submit. 

 (lightbulb) From IACUC Protocol listing, if a Progress report is submitted, you will still see the pending icon .

View or Update a Progress Report that is In-Progress

If you would like to view or make changes to the progress report that is in progress:

  1. Go to IACUC Protocols (shortcut is in Analyst Quick Links)
  2. Locate protocol
  3. Click the folder icon for the protocol
  4. Click Progress Report Review from the menu
    1. the Form Status will state: In-Progress
  5. Make updates as necessary on the screen you are viewing.
  6. Use the Comments feature to enter any internal comments.
  7. Click the Save button when you are done.



    If you are on the phone with the investigator (co-pi or delegate), have them refresh their screen to see the edits you have entered. 

Automatic Notifications for IACUC Progress Reports

Notifications Log will be displayed on your dashboard near Pending Items.

Notifications for PI, co-PI, and delegate(s)

  • Notifications that progress report is due will be sent at the following time-points – 30 days; 15 days; 7 days; 3 days; 1 day before the expiration. Once the progress report is submitted, the notifications will stop.
  • Notification that the protocol is expired will be sent at midnight on the day of the expiration.

Notifications for Staff

  • Notification that protocol will expire will be sent to at midnight on the day before the expiration.


Viewing Notification details

  • To view the notifications in ORCA, go to the Analyst Queue on the dashboard and click on the Notifications Log tab.  

  • Alternately you can go to the Protocol list, find the protocol and click on protocol history.

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