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  • Annual Reporting: Disclosing as a Current Employee
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Step 1 - Start Here

  1. Click on Select a reporting period and choose the previous calendar year - for example January - December 2012.
  2. Answer the (3) Yes / No questions.
    1. Your relationship with for-profit entities
    2. Your relationship with non-profit entities
    3. Gift reporting as required by the State of Texas
  3. Click Next when finished.
  4. If all your answers are No you have nothing to declare. You will advance to Step 3 - Certification.
    (All of your answers in Step 2 - Disclosures have been automatically set to No)

Step 2 - Disclosures

  1. Notice that the menu on the right has changed to Disclosure Menu.

  2. Answer the (6) Yes / No questions.
    1. If any answer in Step 1 was Yes at least one of the questions in Step 2 should also be Yes (see the screen image below).
    2. Questions 1-5 apply to both For-Profit and Non-Profit entities.
    3. If you indicated you had Gifts to report in Step 1, question 6 in Step 2 will have been set to Yes automatically.
    4. If all answers are No, any Yes answer in Step 1 will be automatically set to No. By selecting No to all questions in Step 2 you are indicating you have nothing to disclose.
  3. Complete My Entities and My Disclosures via the Disclosure Menu.
    Your entities may also be accessed from the Report Menu in Step 1.
  4. Once your disclosures have been created, click on the Next button to go to Step 3 - Certification. 

    NOTE: Because of the way this information was previously collected you will need to edit each record, at a minimum correcting the Entity Title and placing each into its appropriate type and category. Check the "This entity is currently active" box. Leaving it unchecked will leave the entity unavailable for disclosure reporting. Each entity you want to use MUST be assigned to a Category and Type, and the This entity is currently active checkbox must be checked.

Step 3 - Certification

The final step is Certification.  You must check each box in order to submit your report; each certification is mandated by the policies described on this page.

The third certification is new to the 2012 reporting period. Please read it carefully.

  1. Note that the menu on this page now reads Certification Menu.
  2. Check each certification box.
  3. Both the Submit button in the navigation bar and the green Submit Your Report button will activate.
  4. You will see a final message that includes an opportunity to download a PDF of the report about to be submitted.
  5. Click on the orange Download a PDF, or blue Finalize my Report button.
  6. Once you submit your report, your session in the iDisclose system will automatically end.


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