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This is the Faculty Navigation help page of the Integrated BioMedical Sciences website (IBMS) documentation.

Navigation procedures are pretty similar throughout the system, so once you get used to it you will find that you can get around pretty easily. The system relies heavily on information that is stored in a database, and many of the menu items allow you to view and edit the information that is stored there.

Logging In

  1. Log into IMPACT from the Graduate School’s website (

  2. Under GSBS logins (located in the black box at the bottom of the page) select IMPACT

  3. Log in using your UTHSCSA email and password

  4.  On the right hand column under Current Degree Plan select the appropriate plan   

  5. On the right hand side under Select your role select your appropriate role

Home Page

  • The boxes in the left column are shortcuts.

  • The Pending box lists the status of requests. Select click here to process to take you straight there.

Secondary Pages

  • Navigation is in the left column.
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