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  • How to Access IRB Protocols
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IRB Protocols Search

IRB Protocol listings are now available through ORCA.  .

  • Log onto ORCA
    • Sign in with your email address and domain password (use the Google Chrome web browser)

  • Once logged on:
    • Click on the header option, Protocols.
    • Click IRB Protocols from the drop down.
    • Use the search fields to locate a protocol.
  • Locate the IRB Protocol you want to view and click from the first column, Actions.


Expanded drop downs for Filter: Any Status; Any Type and Not Selected fields above.


Velos Filter

When accessing IRB Protocols, there is a filter option specific to Velos eResearch:
  • eResearch Linked
  • eResearch initiated

Keep in mind, there are over 5,000 records to filter through, so when sorting, the sort feature will take some time:
From the filter bar, click the new drop down
  1. Set the Status and Type filter to Any Status and Any Type (very important)
  2.  From the filter bar, click an option from the drop down:
  3. Click the refresh table icon to set the filter.
  4.  You will now see your list of results.

Filters and Progress Report Details

All header options: Actions; Protocol Number; Protocol Details; VELOS eResearch; Expiration and PI can be used to filter. One click and items will sort.


  • IRB Progress Report details -  will include a count down to to when the Progress Report is due (PR Due: X days) and when the progress report is received into the office (PR Rcvd: YEAR-Month-Date)
  • *PR Rcved is coming from PIMS' field DateRptRecd.
  • To view and edit IRB Protocol details, click the folder icon. You will be directed to the Analyst Functions page for that specific protocol.
VELOS eResearch

will show details to the eResearch ID's CTMS number and Enrollment Status and Created for those studies created in Velos eResearch. If there is no created date, this indicates the protocol was not
initiated in Velos eResearch. 

Velos eResearch Study Status History

In Velos eResearch the Study Status is tied to the Protocol's Status that can be found in O.R.C.A. The date reflects when the Status changed.







Analyst Functions

Both OCR and CTO roles will have access to this page. Analyst Functions will allow for study Point of Contact to be managed in addition to the management of Institutional Status and removing eResearch link to an IRB Protocol.

Actions completed within each function will be displayed in the Protocol History view.


Contact List

The contact list provides a summary view of the protocol details including the PI, Co-PI, emergency contacts, point of contact, and delegates.

How do I update Study Personnel - POC?

Update Institutional Status

This section should only be modified by an OCR staff member. All IRB protocols will contain the section, Institutional Status. This status will be displayed only in O.R.C.A. and will not be found in the PIMS database. 

  1. Access O.R.C.A., click Protocols > IRB Protocols
  2. Search for your protocol
  3. From the Actions column, click the blue folder 
  4. From the Analyst Functions menu, click the link, Institutional Status
  5. Select an Institution Status
  6. Set the Effective Date by clicking into the field
  7. Click the button, Change Status

eResearch (VELOS) Details

eResearch Statuses

The below items are details that are view-only in O.R.C.A., except Current Institution Status.  Next to each item will include the data source. If any item below is incorrect, the data source will need to be modified to make the correction.

FieldSource Data
eResearch IDeResearch / Velos
IRB StatusPIMs database
Enrollment StatuseResearch / Velos
Current Institution StatusO.R.C.A.

This section should only be modified by a CTO Manager and will be available only to those protocols which are currently linked to eResearch.  

If section, Wipe eResearch Linking is unavailable, it is due to a link not being present.




For technical assistance contact the IT department of the Vice President of Research 
or email  

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