10/3/14 Meeting

October 3, 2014
Project X Meeting

Velos Discussion:

  • IRB source for IRB title. If created in Velos, ORCA/IRB will consume that number.
  • Dalin will get date for test environment
  • Timeline by Velos still needs to be confirmed. 
  • New contact Kevin Geck
  • Tues/Thursday Velos meetings occur. Reserve Thursday, 1pm for Velos discussion regarding  SOAP services.
  • Review/show restservices to Dalin – 
    • reviewed Listbypis
    • services will be available externally through PROXY
    • Ready for testing – since API key is already generated. Jim will send link to Dalin to add into documentation. Okay to use PI name in testing since Velos already is viewing data.
    • Need definition in what we will receive from eResearch
      • When they are requesting list of PIs OR NEW Protocol ID: what information do we want to consume from eResearch? (Q to Joe Schmelz).
        • If NEW study is started in Velos – what else do we need? (Joseph Schmelz will review).
        • Are there study types even if Clinical Trials? A:Yes, phase I, II
        • Assume they are  human studies requiring informed consent. If not, we will change in ORCA. In case of creating new one in eREsearch, . this is a place holder that still needs to review.  If we change on our side, we will need to send back to eResearch with orcas updated number.
        • Add new to Active Protocols (approve, pending, stips, tabled), include expired (JIRA ticket created)
        • Eliminate inactivated,, lapsed, withdrawn, disapproved
        • InstitutioanlStatus should be the IRB Status for now **
          • Brandi may be using field already …Kim checking.


 IRB / PIMS – Study Personnel

  • Possibly scrape IRB personnel. 
    • IRB document has protocol id, and table of personnel. Kim will send Mark Nijland two examples.
    • Good step for IRB to begin entering personnel with email address, if not already doing so.
    • Use case – what and how we should go about beginning the scrape method for IRB information.


Drug/Chem Discussion

Drugs Section – table section was discussed last week. This week implemented.

  • Mark Nijland was able to access FDA and downloads file from Drugs@FDA
    • Contains every FDA registered item. (approved)
    • Lookup Procedures:  sequence of procedures discussed. Sequence can be changed.

Chemicals Section 

  • Autocomplete from EHS chemical_catalog
  • If not found, lookup in chemicals requiring approval


Hazards relating to a lab 

  • Every lab is associated in this table
  • Lasers and xrays are identified within this table