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Control Panel
Reviewers - How to access and mark my reports as completed

The control panel is an administrative are which allows designated department and divisions reviewers to review conflict of interest reporting by updating the status of the report, and acknowledging that they in fact have reviewed reports that are under their purview.


Other department and division staff allowed access is designated Go To Contact(s). This individual can monitor the reviewing activity, but cannot update the status to the reports.

Access Control Panel:  

  1. Log onto iDisclose
  2. Click Control Panel located near the top screen
  3. Filters will be defaulted and the Reporting Activity will display
  4. Click the hyperlink option within Group Totals – All Reports

Access your reports:  

5.      To view a report, click the eye icon

6.      Reports will be available for Reviewers (Review tab).

a)      As reports become reviewed (marked as Complete Review ) they will be removed from the Review tab.  Once approved by the COI office, they can be found in the View tab, highlighted in green.

Dept. /Division Reviewers: Ways to complete your review

7.       To complete your review process, open the report, and click the Completed button , or review multiple reports, from the Review tab, select the report(s) by clicking the , then click .

a)       All reports that are marked as Complete Review will be routed to the Completed tab, for the COI office to Approve.



1.      Open the report

2.      Click the Comment button

3.      Type comments and save.

a.      Comments can be seen by all and edited by the individual who made the comments.

Print a report

1.      Open the report

2.      Click Print and follow any steps

Icon / Action


Clicking the drop down will provide you multiple sort options.   The select row drop down will contain different options in the View and Review tabs.  

The Export to Excel button will be available once you select at least 1 report.  

In order to export results, you must first select the information to export by clicking the row's check box.  

This icon indicates comments have been entered onto the report. To view comments, open the report by   clicking the view icon.  

Indicates the report owner is a department chair.  

Clicking will allow you to view the report.  

These icons are available to Department Reviewers and the COI office.  When clicked, the report will be marked as completed,   and removed from the Review tab. The report will be available for the COI office to approve. The report can  
still be found in the View tab.

This button is only available to the COI office.   When clicked, the report will be marked as approved,   and removed from the Completed tab.

Click to print the report. Print button will be located at the top of each report.

One page review – Marking reports as Completed


  1. Log Into iDisclose and click the Control Panel link on the top of the screen


  1. The next page is the Review panel. Your assigned departments/divisions will be filtered.
  2. From Reporting Activity-Group Totals, click All Report Submitted
  3. Results Sets will show the Review tab for Department/Division Reviewers
  4. A:\Proj Mgmt\review_checked_items.png A:\Proj Mgmt\Review_Snapshot.png To complete your review, check a row, and click Complete Review, or P:\images\approved_thumb.jpg for the report.
  5. To view the report, click the P:\images\look up.jpg icon. Within the report, click the blue Completed button .
  6. Once your reports are marked as Completed, they will no longer display in the Review tab.