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  • Annual Reporting: Disclosing as a Current Employee

C urrent Employee _ with Disclosures & Clone

A Current Employee in iDisclose is an individual who began employment at the UT Health Science Center before January 1, 2015.


From the iDisclose website, click Submit Your 2014 Annual Report link


Click Continue to the Additional Consideration message which displays


Log in with your full email address and domain password


If you submitted a report last year you will be asked if you would like to clone your prior year’s report.

  •     Click Yes to clone last year’s information – beneficial to those who submitted disclosures
  •     Click No to not clone last year’s information


Click Yes to the clone message.


Overview Page


Question – For Profit entities will be defaulted with last year’s response. Update if needed.
Questions – Non Profit org. will be defaulted with last year’s response. Update if needed.
Questions – Gift Reporting will be defaulted with last year’s response. Update if needed.
Research - will be defaulted with last year’s response. Update if needed. Answer Yes if:

  •     You were the Principle Investigator of a research study, funded grant or contract;
  •     Received compensation for, or played any role in, the conduct of research.

Click once all questions are answered.


Entity Page- An entity is a person, business or organization that you interact with outside the UT HSC.


Entity page will not display if Questions 1,2, or 3 were answered No.

All entities (that have not been deleted) used last year will be displayed. If you will be using an entity, all fields must be completed.  If an entity contains a red background, or red tag: 1) edit missing fields and select an Industry type.

  • Click an entity and if necessary.
  • If an entity is missing Industry ( new requirement in 2014 ), a red tag icon will display. . Edit entity to update Industry type.
  • To use an entity in your disclosures, set entity to .
  • Click to add additional entities.

Click once all entities have been added.


Disclosure Page & Submit- A disclosure is a description of your interactions with outside entities.


Disclosures page will not display if Questions 1, 2, or 3 were answered No.
Cloned Disclosures will display under row 2015 with FY 2015.

  • If information is missing a red background will display.
  • Click to update any data that may have changed since last reporting season or is missing.
  • Click to clone a disclosure. Cloned content can be edited.
  • Click to add new disclosures.

Submit Disclosures

  • Once disclosures have been edited, or added, click the check box to the disclosures you will submit with this year’s report.
  • Click or .




Read and check each box confirming that you have read and understand the policies.


Click the   Certify & Submit button once all required statements are checked.    

Once Certify & Submit is clicked you will receive an email notification in your inbox confirming your submission and an email containing the PDF copy of your report.

To check on the status of your report go to the Dashboard.  The Dashboard contains an area titled, Annual Reports where you can also refer back to your submitted report for this year and prior years.

If you have any questions, email . For technical difficulties, email .

If you certified and submitted your report and discover additional disclosures need to be made, or if disclosures need to be removed, contact .