Coming, fall 2014, a new administrative change will be made available within ORCA, the Animal Transfer Requests. Keep an eye out for additional communications.


Each Administrative Change item contains four options: Approve, Deny, Edit and Comment.


Image is a view of IACP Administrative Change Request- Analyst View, Commercial Services

Clicking the approve button, does just that, it approves the request listed in the details column.


If you are going to deny an item, enter comments first (comments are required). Comments entered will be emailed to the PI. Steps:

  1. Click Comment, enter comments.
  2. Click Save Comments, and close window OR 
    1. Click Disapprove from the window. If you click Disapprove, you can no longer edit or change your response


When you Edit an Administrative Change, and after you click Save, refresh your screen (F5). 

Commercial Services: if editing, yes, must be checked in order to edit fields. 

Saved comments are for the analyst(s). If, any item will be denied, it is important to remember that comments will be sent to the PI/Co-Pi via email after all Administrative Change items are either approved, or denied.



Personnel training records are now available when an individual is added to the study personnel.