The issue is more apparent when a PI accesses their protocol's progress report after a Co-PI or Delegate has submitted the Progress Report. Once PI accesses the progress report, they receive the banner message:Progress Report is pending PI review....

The PI should be able to access the progress report and submit.

In reviewing all protocols for the PI, the problem protocol showed the spelling of the PIs email with an uppercase first letter. 

A non-obvious problem involving the same solution is when Study Personnel is reviewed, the PI does not have the [PI] next to their names. This indicates the PI is not associated as a PI to the protocol, even if their name is displaying as the Investigator within the protocol details header.


Email or  A ticket will be entered into Jira. 

Review spelling of name in vprdbw; update table_protocolpersonnel.  Change first letter in email to lowercase. 


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