Beginning July 4, 2016 all progress report notifications will include the De novo Review form attachment. All notifications prior to this date did not include the De novo Review attachment.

  • All progress reports submitted in the Analyst Queue beginning July 4, 2016 
    • will show Progress Report - De novo Review, column Request Type

  • All progress reports submitted in the Analyst Queue before July 4, 2016 
    • will require the IACP office notify the Investigator of the De novo Review Document. 
    • these pending progress reports will not indicate De novo Review on the Analyst Dashboard, column Request Type
    • all progress reports in the Analyst Queue, once opened will show the De Novo Review banner.

  • Notification Log - Analyst Dashboard

  • Protocol History:
    •  For the notifications, the protocol history Event column will display IACP Denovo Review Due Notification.  
    • A submitted progress report will indicate De Novo Review in the Event Column

    • Example of an approved De novo Review Progress Report

Protocol History - Initial update to ORCA

  • The Event column in Protocol History will be labeled De novo Review.
  • All protocols created before  2013 will include a De novo review for each proceeding year.
  • All protocols created on or after 2013 will have a De novo review due in 2016.
  • All protocols underwent annual De novo review up to the launch of progress report through ORCA (December 2013).
  • Use of ORCA for progress reports became mandatory in April 2014.