User Profile

The User Profile page will allow you to proactively update your personal information. It is very important that the Institutional Animal Care Program, IACP, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, IACUC, and the Institutional Review Board, IRB, have accurate contact information for you if an emergency occurs. Make sure that you review your phone numbers and email addresses and update if needed. The User Profile page is strictly for regulatory use and is not tied to the university's public directory.

In order to access your Profile from the Dashboard, click your name drop down located on the top-right of your screen. Once clicked, options available are Profile and Log out.


The User Profile page will display two tabs, User Profile and Training.



What can I update?

Information you can update:

  1. Primary Institution
  2. Work Telephone
  3. Home Telephone
  4. Cell phone

Once you have updated your information, click .   Just as a reminder, the information provided is for regulatory office use and is not connected to the university's faculty and staff directory.