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The study examines the following: (a) whether cognitive abilities (attention, memory, problem solving ability) differ among patients with bipolar disorder, their siblings without bipolar disorder or unrelated people who do not have bipolar disorder (b) whether patients with bipolar disorder who have psychosis (such as hallucinations and delusions) differ in cognitive abilities from patients with bipolar disorder who do not have psychosis (c) whether differences in cognition are the same across several areas (memory and attention, for example) or if differences only occur in one area of cognition (d) the structure of the brain and how the brain functions in patients with bipolar disorder, their siblings and unrelated individuals


  • Behaviors and Mental Disorders
  • Genetics
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Between 18 Years and 90 Years
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Accepts Healthy Volunteers

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Melanie Carless

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Melanie Carless

Principal Investigator
Melanie Carless