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Overdose by “ingestion of drugs” is the second leading cause of maternal mortality in the state of Texas. Maternal mortality is defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a death occurring during pregnancy or within the first 365 days following the end of a pregnancy. Maternal overdose death in Texas is second only to maternal deaths caused by a cardiac event. Case records (including postmortem toxicology and police reports) indicate that most of these deaths involve the use of licit or illicit prescription opioids; however, little is known about the context of maternal overdose death. Therefore, we are recruiting women who have experienced an opioid use relapse and/or overdose as well as family members, friends and the significant others of women who died of a maternal overdose. We will be conducting private interviews and small group discussions to gain more insight into the circumstances that contribute to maternal overdose.


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Maria Aguirre
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Leticia Scott

Maria Aguirre
(210) 567-5800

Leticia Scott

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Lisa Cleveland