Lay Description

Our community is facing lots of stressors that may affect your health. We invite you to participate in a study to better understand how stress affects health and talk about the ways that help coping with life stressors. If you are 18 years or older, Latino/a, we invite you to participate in a phone or online health interview through Zoom that will last between 1 and 3 hours depending on your stress and life experiences, as well as a brief in-person drive-thru visit. During the interview, we will ask questions about your health, your life experiences and stressors, and how you cope with stress. During the drive-thru visit we will do a brief health exam and ask you for a blood sample using a finger stick to learn how stress is affecting your health. The information gathered will help develop health interventions for our community. All information will be confidential and anonymous. Personal protective equipment will be used at all times during the in-person drive-thru visit.


  • Healthy Subjects Needed
  • Behaviors and Mental Disorders
  • Family Health
  • Minority Studies
  • Skin Conditions
IRB Number
NCT Number registration not required
Open to Enrollment


Eligible Ages
Between 18 and 70
Eligible Genders
Accepts Healthy Volunteers

Inclusion Criteria

Participants are adult Latinos ages 18-70, and must be able to speak English or Spanish.

Exclusion Criteria

Participants with evidence of liver or kidney failure, major medical conditions involving the immune system (i.e., autoimmune and/or inflammatory diseases), or those taking steroids. Also, those who are on medications for angiotensin type I receptor blockers and those who are taking statins will be excluded. Individuals with auditory problems or cognitive impairment will also be excluded.

Study Design

Study Contact

Regulatory Point of Contact
Luz Garcini
(210) 450-8539

Regulatory Point of Contact
Sarah Lill
(210) 562-5551

Local Recruitment Point of Contact
Michelle Garza
(210) 562-5551

Overall Recruitment Point of Contact
Luz Garcini
(210) 450-8539

Principal Investigator
Luz Garcini